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What is Print Plug?

Print Plug is a creative hub founded by an artist for artists; brimming with tips, tricks and resources to help you guys kickstart your creative careers and projects. As a creator, I know first hand how tricky it can be to circumnavigate the creative industry and find the help you need to take your ventures to the next level.

This site has been designed to take some weight off your shoulders, minimise the frustration and time spent trying to source manufacturers to bring your concepts to life; to give you more time to create and implement your fresh ideas.

All the jargon has been tossed and replaced with klingon free information for all to understand. If you are a fully fledged newbie – no worries! This resource is for you too!

An inclusive creative safe haven, PP presents real working solutions and strategies applicable to anyone and everyone.


Behind the scenes

I teach art to Primary school children along with keeping up with all my creative endeavours. I exhibit regularly, sell custom manufactured products (with some pieces currently being sold in Urban Outfitters North America and various ‘Print On Demand‘ sites) I’ve negotiated licensing deals, had my work featured in publications and websites, and have spent some time as a freelancer in my younger years, along with developing self initiated projects.

Of course…it was a long slog getting to this space in my life – to say it has been an emotional rollercoaster would be the understatement of the century. If you’re bored enough – sit back and stick around for the story…

During and after I finished studying for my Graphic Design BA (Hons) degree, I worked in retail, telemarketing, sales – any jobs that pinged in my inbox; there’s only so long one can live on Indomie, after all. When I finished uni, I had a job as a duty manager in the bookies for around 5 years – I was earning enough to live away from home with one or two days off every week to pursue my creative projects, had a few weeks holiday every year – everything felt solid….at first.

I grew to hate it. I hated my job, hated the fact that I spent my days off recovering from the shift the day before, leaving me lethargic and creatively parched. Hated the fact that I spent around 90% of the year working in a job I despised, leaving me with just 10% of the year to have all to myself (even that I had to fight for). Not to mention the verbal abuse I put up with on a daily basis at my job (let’s not).

Realising it was only a matter of time before I started to lose my shit, I then began to get to work on an exit plan.

Fortunately for me, I was in a position where I could reduce my days but still do the same hours – (this meant super long shifts, but also more days off). I went from working 5/6 days a week to 3/4 giving me enough spare time to start planting some seeds.

I completed an internship at a design studio, volunteered in a school, completed creative projects in my extra days off. It was a process – to make the transition from the job I hated, to doing a job that brings me joy, while still having the time to pursue a career in the arts.

However, although I was grateful to have this extra time to myself, I found it extremely difficult to get going! I spent hours and hours trawling the net, trying to source manufacturers and printers, the ones I usually came across had ridiculously high minimum order quantities that I couldn’t afford, were out of business, or simply couldn’t create what I was after. How frustrating! It often left me feeling demotivated, dejected and quite frankly, tired.

It took many months and years of trial and error, expensive mistakes and biting bullets for me to finally make some progression and get things moving, and I am now in a position to share all I have learned along the way. Hence the birth of the Print Plug.

I have to give a special mention to my friend Lydia (Just Lydz) (who has her own Youtube Channel here) for suggesting the name for this site! I’m unsure what this area of the net would have been called if I had been left to my own devices…(but that’s another story for another day).



So…what’s included?

Print Plug has an entire section dedicated to ironing out all the ‘officey’ details and making it all a lot more digestible and quite frankly, less boring. (Spreadsheet induced comas, anyone?)

Areas on the site include:


Exercise your creative agency to the maximum, fully informed, equipped and ready to make moves!

I wish I could sit here and tell you guys that there’s an easy strategy to turn what you love into your full time hustle but the fact is, unless you’re extremely lucky (or rich) – there isn’t one. We all know this. What there IS, however – are options. Routes. Plans. Possibilities. Opportunities. All in place for us to utilise and arrange in ways that work for us.

PP is here to help you guys to make good on your creative dreams and understand that although it may not be easy, it is definitely very possible to get things moving in the direction you want.

Kei Maye / Print Plug Creator