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Hey! Introduce yourself! Hey! I’m Marissa. I’m 24 years old, and I’m a visual artist, printmaker, and illustrator from the States. I’m currently completing my degree in Printmaking at London’s Royal College of Art. My art practice is heavily influenced by my lived experience as a woman of colour, as well as my background in sociology.

Hey! Introduce yourself! Hi! I'm Keema, owner of Pencil Me In. Graduated from The Hartford Art School (a private school in Connecticut) with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. While at UHart, I was able to win the Connecticut Art Director's Club Excellence Award for my portfolio which saw me compete against all college students in that

Hey! Introduce yourself!  Hi! My name is Alexis! I am an illustrator and painter. I’ve been an illustrator for the last 5 years and I am currently based in London. How did you get started on your creative journey? I’ve always been creative. Always drawing and painting, anywhere and everywhere! It helped me during medical school and work

Hey! Introduce Yourself! I’m Anshika Khullar and I’m an illustrator based in Southampton, England, I have been illustrating for about a year now.   Can you tell us a bit more about your creative background? I’ve always been artistically inclined- I can’t remember a time I wasn’t drawing or sketching or painting. I did art as a subject at

Hey! Introduce yourself! My name is Leon Mathis and I’m originally from Johnston South Carolina. I'm a visual artist, currently residing in Aiken South Carolina. I create on canvas, wood and clothing. I have been involved in art since a young age but didn't take it seriously until about a year ago. Can you tell us more

Introduce yourself!  My name is Rachel Isabel Mukendi, freshly graduated out of university, majoring in Fine Art. I specialise in film, collage and print with 3 years of experience and counting. I currently reside in East London. Your work covers a range of important topics such as appropriation and elements of war, what inspired you to take your

Introduce yourself!    Hello! I’m Dorcas Magbadelo; the creator behind DorcasCreates. I’m an illustrator and product designer and I’ve been creating for the past 3 years. I’m based in London, UK (haven’t been priced out yet but that remains to be seen). How did you get started on your creative journey? I’ve been creating in some form for as

Introduce yourself!  Hey Hey! Camilla’s the name, but my artist identity is ‘Mica’ (which I really need to get used to).  I use a range of media but involved in a lot of digital work,  ‘papercut’ or stencil art. I have been practicing as an artist for 9 years and I'm currently based in North West

Introduce yourself!  Hi I’m Erika and I’m a London based illustrator. Currently a final year student at UAL, London College of Communication. I like using illustration and sequential art to address modern political issues, social issues or just whatever feels good. I am also juggling this with freelance projects. When approaching projects, I really like to consider