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Are you a freelancer? Or maybe you’re a budding creator ready to spread your wings and share your skills with businesses and individuals all over the world?  Whatever your M.O – The Circuit (previously known as the Freelance Hub) is a free listing service formed to create connections between clients & creators, heighten visibility and bring ideas to life, wherever you are on the globe!

Applicants MUST read and agree to the terms outlined in the The Circuit Agreement PDF before applying.

Click here to view the agreement.



  • Must have a presence on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

  • Must have artwork clearly on display on any provided portfolio/social media links for potential clients to view.

  • Have a consistent catalogue of work.

  • Be consistently active on social platforms.

  • Professional & great at communicating.

  • It would be amazing if you have a website, but if not, not to worry! As long as you have an online portfolio – you can still apply.

  • Must be available to take on freelance projects at the time of application.


All e-mails will receive a response within 2 working days.