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/ Privacy Policy

All website addresses, forms of contact, images or otherwise provided throughout this website are all derivatives from the source. All information displayed in the manufacture listings section of the site have been obtained via the respective company websites. Absolutely no information will be passed on to marketing companies or otherwise, all information is purely displayed as a listing service, to connect people with companies that provide the services they are seeking.

No e-mail addresses are stored, they are all displayed along with their respective companies as a source of contact for each organisation. All e-mail addresses were sought via the company website directly.

If your company is listed and you would prefer it not to be, contact: hey@printplug.co.uk to have it removed.

In the interview section, each artist has provided their own contact details for further interaction. All information is used for display purposes only; these details are not and will not be stored on any database for personal use or otherwise. Nor will the information be passed on to any third party companies for neither monetary or non monetary objectives.